April 19, 2009

Why Guys Shouldn't Babysit

So.......my dad was babysitting. He did a great job. I would just like to address a few obvious no-no's.

First, lets start with giving Little Boy a beer. Remember this??
Anyone else smell a relapse?
And if he does relapse, we prefer it be with GOOD beer.
Like this.....

Second, don't make him use a box as a superhero mask.

Give him a real mask, where he can breathe.

Like this.......

That's all I am saying.


Anonymous said...

Men. I had Mike dress Ellie one day and found her with THREE different shades of pink on. Apparently he is color blind?

Bre said...

Aw, I love your Dad!!!! =)

Bird Shit said...

I've heard babies w/ a buzz sleep better...LOL