April 28, 2009


I need one of these!! I have been practicing on my mom's old machine from 1975 (I am not exaggerating, she bought it in 1975) and I am ready for a new one. One that is much more user friendly. I have sooooo many projects I want to start.
The BFF is having a little miss thing and she is due September 27th. So I need to get sewing ASAP! We need burp cloths, head bands, blankets, bibs and lots more. She has two boys already, so EVERYTHING must be cute, girlie and sassy.
So yeah, I need one.
Anyone know of one that is good for a beginner? And I mean, BEGINNER.
I don't need all the fancy shmancy gadgets. I just need the basics.
User friendly is a good phrase in my world.
Another thing, this guy S C A R E S me. I mean, really scares me. I am all for freedom of expression, but sometimes, those expressions scare me. Is that ok to say? =) He can for sure sing though, it's just, his nail polish and eyeliner, scares me!


Bre said...

My Mom gave me her sewing machine... You can use it if you want because God knows I'm not going to!!!!!! LOL. Let me know!

Bethany said...

My daughter wants a sewing machine. I saw a CUTE pink one at Hobby Lobby...it looked beginner-ish.

A Kinder Teacher said...

I had the same "itch" to sew, so I went to Target and bought the Singer Esteem 1732. It is very user-friendly and inexpensive. I think it's a winner.