May 3, 2009

Job Opening

The family and I were at Einstein Bagels this morning. First of all, the line was OUT.THE.DOOR. when we got there. They only had one order taker. (can you kind of see where this is going?)
After waiting so patiently in line for 15+ minutes, it was finally our turn to order what we wanted. I start to tell the guy what I want and he is repeating my order to me like he was The Copy Machine Guy on Saturday Night Live. After the Hubster tells him what he wants, I give him my name.
This is where it all went down hill.
As I tell the kid (he was a kid) my name, he looks at me with this, "I just saw a ghost" face. I immediately assume he can't spell my name. I start to spell it for him. He still looks stunned. I finally say, "OK, what's the problem?" OK, now brace yourself, I am not making up his response. He looks right at me and says, "I am just so confused because I swear someone before you just said that was their name." I laughed. I know that is rude, don't lecture me. But seriously, he really said that to me? The whole time I am hitting the Hubster in the leg like, can you believe this kid?
So after I recovered from my shock, I say to him, "OK, well it probably was their name, it's mine too." The kid still looks confused. So then I tell him to put it under the Hubster's name. Nope, that just confused him more. I say to him, "what's the issue?" Brace yourself again. He says, "I am still just confused, like, did I already ask you your name or was that really the persons name who ordered before you?" Um hello, like I know the persons name in front of me!! I finally just say to him, "I have no clue, but there are people out there that have the same name." And just like that, he snapped out of his stunned look and said, "Oh yeah, totally, you're right."
p.s. I ended the story there because, need I say more?


Anonymous said...

haha, there have been so many times that I just want to say [here's your sign] to people because they are the biggest morons ever.

Bethany said...

Last night the girls and I went to Sonic to get some drinks...I ordered a large mango limeade w/ extra ice. When the girl repeated our order she said, "Okay, I have a bla, bla and a SMALL mango limeade with NO ice." I just don't get it sometimes. Is taking an order REALLY that hard????

Glad you found me on FB!!

I WILL blog again soon! Just been too damn busy!