May 29, 2009

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

I have been LAZY when it comes to blogging. My life has just been busy. I love it. The Hubster normally travels a lot but for the past two weeks he has been around, so I have been with him. My poor computer was so lonely.

Anyways. I though I would address a few things that are annoying me.

1. The fact Notre Dame had President Obama come speak. I am not against wanting the President to come speak at your graduation. I just don't get why they would have him come give a speech, then after, criticize him. Um, HELLO!! Everyone knows his opinions are the exact opposite of the Catholic Church. Why would you want him there if it was just going to cause an outrage? I am not saying I am for or against Obama, I just felt bad that they invited him to come, then just bashed him afterwards.

2. Miss California. Uggh. Aren't her 15 minutes of fame over yet? Her gay marriage comment, doesn't bother me. It's the fact that we are still paying attention to her and her nude pictures. Lets move on to real issues. Seriously, lets do it.

3. Here in Las Vegas, a man made a turn in front of an officer and killed him. The officer was doing 109mph in a 35mph zone with no lights or sirens. The guy was automatically to blame for not yielding to an emergency vehicle. Now, if the officer had his lights and sirens on, MAYBE, just maybe, the guy would have known the cop was speeding and that he needed to wait to make his turn. He was also charged with a DUI for having a blood alcohol limit of .03. The legal limit here is .08, so he was WELL UNDER the limit. One beer can put you at .03. Of course, the police department is covering their butts by saying he failed the field sobriety test. Who wouldn't fail it after that impact?!?! The guy was involved in a crash with a car going 109mph, then he gets out of his car, throws dirt on it to prevent fire, then tries to pull the officer out of his car. Pretty sure he wasn't drunk. Why do we have a legal limit if we are just going to punish people for being UNDER it? It is very very sad that this officer's life was taken, but what is even sadder, is that we are blaming this innocent guy just because it was a police officer. It was an accident, leave the innocent guy alone.

Let's see, what else is irritating me.........

Teething toddlers. This poor boy is miserable. His bottom molars are finally through, now it's time for the top ones to come in and make his life hell. He is fussy and whiny and crabby ALL.THE.TIME. Help, please.


Lara said...

That's awful about the car crash. I agree with you that he shouldn't be held responsible if the cruiser wasn't flashing his lights or having his siren on.

surely the cop would have been driving dangerously? It's just sad that he lost his life, because I'm sure the police only care about justice, not caring who suffers as a consequence.

Bethany said...

Oh that's terrible about the car crash. Poor guy! I'm sure he feels bad enough already.

Teething toddlers make me want to drink LOTS of wine!!!