June 3, 2009

Where Have You Been All My Life

This stuff is heaven. I'm talking H.E.A.V.E.N.
I walked in and had no clue how this place worked. I just knew that L.A. people go crazy for this stuff, plus my girls from "The Hills" are always eating there. So, I knew I had to try it. I told my good friend Danielle that I wanted to try it and she told me her favorite is the original with Captain Crunch and fresh strawberries as her toppings. Gross right? WRONG!! HEAVEN!!
I asked to taste what the yogurt taste like and I about fell over it was so good. I asked them if they could give me a 5 gallon bucket full of this stuff, but they weren't sure how to price that out, so I settled for the medium size. Of course, I had captain crunch and fresh strawberries as my toppings, so glad I did. Every bite was amazing.
I was really really devastated when it was all gone. So devastated, that I almost walked Little Boy and I back over there, in the rain, to get another.
We are leaving Hermosa Beach in a day and Hubster and Little Boy are going home, I am going to Temecula to visit my BFF Leah. I googled the Pinkberry there, it's so close to her store. I don't think she knows it yet, but we will be making a few trips there. =)
p.s. If anyone from Pinkberry is reading this (and that is a BIG if) please call me, I think you are amazing.


Unknown said...

Suzanne -- Im so pysched that you love Pinkberry. I'm the head of Pinkberry marketing and if I had your number you would be so called right now. Send me an address and we'll send along some free swirly goodness. Send me an e-mail @ todd.putman@pinkberry.com

Bethany said...

Never had it...would LOVE to try it!! We don't have one around here. What's up with THAT???