June 4, 2009

Call Betty Ford, I'm Addicted

To California!!
I love this place.

I love breakfast with the Stars at Disneyland!

I love taking Little Boy to the beach!

I love seeing my boys, loving the pier.

I loved our small Ocean View! haha

I really loved the Beverly Hills 90210 beach house! I can't believe I was standing right in front of it. Right in front of the beach where David Silver wrote "I Love Don" in the sand. Ahhh, heaven. You know what would have made this moment even better????

If I had some pinkberry while I was standing in front of the 90210 Beach House.
Now that would be heaven.
Does anyone know how I can get this stuff pumped into my veins? I have gone 3 times in the past 24 hours to get my fix. This sweet, tangy, frozen goodness just makes my mouth water.
Unfortunately, I am not sure how long I will be able to feed my addiction. I will be going back home to Vegas in 5 days and sadly, there are no locations there.
(but don't worry, I plan on nagging them until they come to Vegas)
Until then, I will just have to soak up the swirly goodness while I am in California.


Anonymous said...

I am totally and completely jelous that you got to leave our great state of Nevada. I am going stir crazy and I need a road trip of some sort and California & Disney look fantastic but there is this silly thing called $ that we are a little short on. So I will just live vicariously through you.

ps. you suck; I had to say it. I want me some Pinkberry too and I pretty sure you didn't bring any back for me?