June 9, 2009

Jade Amberthighs

That's my stripper name. Pretty good right?
Well I might need it, I've stumbled across a new addiction.
Pole Fitness!

Yes, that is me. I am that good!
My cousin has been going to these stripper classes (that's what I call them) and while I was visiting her she asked me to take one with her. OH.MY.GOSH.SIGN.ME.UP. It was so much fun, and a SERIOUS work out. No wonder strippers (most) have awesome bodies. 10 minutes into the workout, I was feeling the burn. Today, I can't even move, so I know it was a good workout. Even my abs are hurting. Plus the hubster thinks it's awesome that I want to learn to pole dance. Before I even took my first class, he was joking about how we could put a pole in the garage.
(he's Mexican, everything happens in the garage)
So now that I am back to Vegas, I have found a studio here that I am looking to join.
And with these bad boys, I am sure to fit right in!

Just remember, at Pole Fitness class, we take off inches, not our clothes.


Bethany said...

I would love to do one of those classes and my hubby would shit a brick! I cracked up at your comment about the garage and being Mexican. :)

Rob and Amy said...

OMG. You have me rolling over here!!!! GIRL---I would LOVE to take one of those classes!!!!!

Lara said...

I love the stripper name. Mine would be Zigi Dorian, which makes me sound like more of a hooker...

Yay for pole dancing! I went to a strip club once (a friend was working the poles there), and just watching her dance was painful enough. Hats off to the girls though, you don't need to do any other exercise!

Lara said...

Just to let you know I left an award for you on my blog:


Lara x