May 29, 2009

Going Green

So there is a new love in my life.
Green cleaning supplies!!
Eco Store provides plant based household cleaning products, baby products and pet products. They are all toxin free and environmentally friendly.
I had the opportunity to try the Toilet Cleaner and the Citrus Spray Cleaner. I must say, that I love them both!! The smell the products give off is just a clean smell. No more choking on the strong chemical smell. They clean just as well, if not better, as the leading products on the shelves at all the stores. So far, Eco Store products are available online and at Meijer stores in the Midwest. If you would like to try these products for yourself, just leave a comment and I will randomly pick some one to win a $25 gift card to use at the Eco Store.
Good luck!!


Ashley said...

pick me pick me

Ashley said...

yes!! I'm still winning!