December 17, 2008

Snow Day

Don't wipe your eyes, you read that right. Snow Day in Vegas people. Now, I am not one of those sweet loving people who is going ga-ga for the snow. It's annoying and it's freezing. I will admit, it is pretty to look at, especially since it's Christmas time. But it was pretty two days ago, now it's just annoying. The school district here might declare tomorrow a snow day. Really? I want to call them and tell them that people back east are pointing and laughing at us. For them to declare a snow day, it takes inches and inches of snow, for us, we see four snowflakes and the whole city shuts down. It's probably because people in Vegas can't drive in the snow. Seriously. We have a hard time functioning when it's raining, you think we can drive with big white chunks flying at our cars? I am not saying I know how to drive in it, I am right there with all the other snow-morons. I did however manage to drive to Michaels. Want to know what Captain Obvious (annoying employee) said when I walked in covered in snow, she said, "Is it snowing out there?" No no sweetheart, I am just trying out white hair to see what I will look like in 30 years.

p.s. please don't email me about wanting to buy the sweet Hyundai that's in the picture, it's my dad's and I don't think he would part with his hubcaps.