December 29, 2008

Look What Mama Got!

Yep!! A KitchenAid Pro Series Mixer with Bowl Lift!! Amazing!! It's even stainless steel so it matches my kitchen. It is so funny that he got me this. A couple sundays ago I was in the Kitchen pretending to be a professional baker, and it was a disaster. My hand mixer is horrible! The lowest speed on it, is the fastest speed on most other mixers. So of course I had cookie dough everywhere! Half way through the day, I threw in the towel and said that I give up! So when I saw the Hubster walk in with this on Christmas, I was shocked, but soooo happy. He told me that he hopes this inspires me to get back in the kitchen and give baking another shot. (I think he just wants more cookes!) Either way, I am stoked and I can't wait to whip him up something yummy.


Mrs. L said...

You have no idea how much your will love this little gadget. I've probably gotten more use out of mine than anything else I own.

MOMMY-MOMO said...