December 16, 2008


No I am not dead. I just have a sick hubster and a sick little boy. On top of the Hubster not feeling good, he has been crazy busy with work. So I have very little time to get on the computer. I used to get on during nap time, but since little boy hasn't been feeling good, the naps are shorter. If I get on the computer while he is awake, it looks like a tornado ripped through our office. On top of the sickies in my house, I haven't had too much to say lately. I would usually just throw the local Michaels store under the bus, but, I haven't been in there in awhile!! (and by awhile I mean like 5 days) However, I will be going to Michaels tomorrow, so you can bet your brand new victoria secret underwear that I will have a good story for you.