December 17, 2008

Craft Room

The Hubster and I have been redoing our office. Ok, I have been redoing our office. I painted it a chipper yellow color and took off the closet doors. I had him install shelves in the closet to make it my cute little storage place for all my scrapbooking goodies.

The Hubster also hung up my embellishment center. He is amazing when it comes to this stuff. (he is amazing period) Me, I would have just made sure it looked level and hung it. Not him, he got out his stud finder and level to make sure it was perfect. Amazing right?

I am not quite finished with the room, as you can see the shelves are empty. However the floor in the office is COVERED with all my scrapbook stuff. I have so much stuff I could open my own store. I just haven't gotten around to organizing and putting it all away.

I am also waiting for the arrival of this bad boy. I got this desk on sale at and it is now in some UPS truck waiting for me to love all over it! The delivery date says, DEC 19, which is Friday. So, if it gets here and I can sneak in an hour or two, I will post some new fabulous pictures of my Craft Space. HA, what a dorky name.

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Hey, I have that same wall cabinet...woo hoo! Love it, and oh so love that table & I'm in the market for a new one, I'll have to check out Target so thanks for sharing :-)

And I would absolutely LOVE TO FLY TO VEGAS, like right now! You fly me there, I'll give you free lessons, hehe...not that you need em.' I've been to Vegas 3 times and always am dieing to go back.