December 16, 2008

Bad Santa

Took little boy to see Santa today, you would have thought I took him too the dentist. He FREAKED out. He was arching out of Santa's arm. The poor Santa guy, he was giving me the "get this kid out of my hands before I throw him where I threw all the other crying little brats," look. Why don't I have a picture of him screaming? Because the photographer lady at the Meadows Mall sucks. (yes mom, I said SUCKS!!) How come every other mom in America gets proof of the torture she put her kid through, but I get jipped? Have no fear though. I am going to another mall tomorrow. I know what you're thinking, I am an awful mom. When really I am thinking ahead. If we have another child and I get a picture of him/her/it crying on Santa's lap, then I will forever have to listen to Little Boy wonder where his picture with Santa is. Therefore, look out Santa at Fashion Show Mall, here we come.

p.s. if you don't want candy canes stuck in your fake $5 beard, don't give them to the kids BEFORE they sit on your lap. Just a thought.
Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

We took Ellie to 2 different Santa's this year and still didn't get a good picture. Stood in line for a half an hour in the cold at Town Square and then proceeded to pay $29.99 for the worst picture ever. Seriously. We then headed over Bass Pro Shops and got a few different shots with their Santa that also SUCKED! [fyi, Bass Pro Shops is F-R-E-E, FREE. Although they don't use a flash which could explain the free part? But on the upside, you can use your own camera] Good luck tomorrow. We are filing the pictures from this year under, 'do not open until Ellie brings a date home'