December 22, 2008

Come A Little Closer

Lately people have been asking me for the secret to my weight loss. Which is a compliment, but also makes me think, "Wow, these people must have thought I was large and in charge!" I always tell everyone that I swear by weight watchers. I know, people hate counting points, but it works for me. I write everything down that way I can see what I am eating. But my real secret, DIET COKE!! I love it. I want to find the creator of it and take him or her to Disneyland. (because it's the happiest place on earth of course!)
Growing up, the only soda we had in our house on a regular basis was Diet. So if we wanted to "sneak" a drink of soda, we had to sneak Diet. I say sneak like my parents didn't know! Like they thought little people snuck into our house at night and drank all the diet soda and ate all the cookies that were hidden in the oven. Didn't we all think our parents were dumb when we were little?
Anyways, I am not sure how Diet Coke is my weight loss secret. I think it's because when I lift that ice cold can to my lips and taste that refreshing beverage, I feel like I am cheating on my diet. Therefore I don't feel the need to cheat with bad foods. If it doesn't make since, oh well! I love it!! My butt loves it too, because I have lost 15lbs!!
I just want to tell the soda gods, Thank you!! Thank you so much for coming up with a "DIET" beverage for us people who want a little uummpphh in their diet, this 15lbs is dedicated to you!


Anonymous said...

Makes sense. My hubby's secret is chewing gum. Yours is Diet coke. So when you're hungry for a little snack I tend to grab a bag of chips and eat and eat and eat while you just grab a soda w/ little calories...hmmmm....if only I liked Diet Coke or chewing gum!