October 21, 2008

Not Tonight Honey, I am full.

Ever been turned down by your spouse? (you know what I am talking about) I am sure we have all heard the excuse, or used the excuse, "Not tonight honey, I have a headache." Or, I am too tired. Blah blah blah.
Well my poor sweet friend "Bertha," was turned down by her hubby the other day.
She had 30 minutes in between jobs and was so excited to get home to him. Well what she didn't know, was that while she was working, he was stuffing his face full of peanut butter and jelly and washing it down with 7up. I know, I just threw up in my mouth too.
When she got home and told him her plans for them, he about puked. Only because the thought of any physical activity made his stomach turn. And not because his wife is not hot (she is a total betty), it's because the jiffy and the strawberry jam in his belly weren't putting up with the 7-up's crap. There for he had to break the news to her. "Not now honey, I am way too full."
Sad, but true.
I don't make this stuff up people.