October 1, 2008

Are you there Richard? It's me Suzanne.

Lately I have been going to the gym to get off the extra baby weight. Just in case you forgot, I am SUPER lazy. So getting off my chips and guacamole filled butt, is huge for me. I am not really the kind of person that goes to the gym and has a routine down so I have to take classes. The reason I take classes is because you are STUCK in there for an hour. I guess you could leave early if you wanted to, but you run the risk of the teacher saying "What's the matter fatty, couldn't hang?" Pretty embarrassing right? Yeah, so I go and work out for the whole hour. Today I thought I would go to Step 2. OOOHHHH Step 2, sounds scary right? Especially since I haven't been to step 1. But I am thinking that I am pretty coordinated and athletic, how hard could it be?
When I get there, I look around and it's pretty much a bunch of old people (they all had head bands on too!). Maybe a couple of people in their 30's but everyone else was borderline AARP members. That's when I really think, ok, this can't be too hard.
So the instructor comes in and starts talking. I notice that she is full of crazy energy, like she just drank 16 redbulls and had 2 cans of Jolt Soda. She asks the class if we are ready for warm up, of course we all say yes. So we start. Well they started. I stood there looking like a deer in headlights. A warm up? The warm up was like a choreographed dance routine! I looked like a little kid who was lost at disneyland just standing there watching everything going on around me. I was sooooo embarrassed. Here were these 65 year old women, doing these crazy aerobic routines and I couldn't even kick ball change. I decided I needed to channel my inner Richard Simmons. I just watched the instructor and next thing I knew, I was sweating to (or with) the oldies. To make it even better, the guy next to me, was the typical guy in the 1987 work out video. You know the guy that never breaks a sweat and is always hooting and hollering saying "Yeah, feels good!" or "Yeah, you can do it!" He was clapping to the beat and everything, it was great. I am not sure if I will go back to that class, but it was great humor for the day and a great trip back in time.