October 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary

For those of you who don't know, today is little boy's 1 year anniversary. I don't think he is taking it too well. He is very crabby and wants nothing to do with his anniversary (he gets even more mad if you call it a birthday, trust me, it's not pretty). I tried to tell him that he looks great for his age, but he is still crabby pants.
People have been asking me what he wants for his birth.....I mean anniversary. Well, since he doesn't speak English, I can't understand him when he tells me what he wants. So let's just go by the traditional anniversary gift giving table. The first year is paper gifts. Some people would assume that means money. Giving little boy money is not a good thing. He will either rip it up and eat it, or throw it down my toilet. So how about napkins? Paper towels maybe? Or even that noisy white paper that comes in between nicely folded collar shirts, he loves that!! Little boy is easy to please. Just look around your house and see what can easily be destroyed and send it to him. Thank you.


Unknown said...

Tell Little Boy that Grammy says Happy Big 01!

~MeLiSsA~ said...

Wow, a year! Happy "anniversary". I wanted to let you know we are having the pic party on Saturday, November 15th. Check out my blog for more details... let me know if you would like to book!