October 27, 2009

Little People, Big Mess

Does anyone else watch this show?
Does anyone else get as grossed out as I do by how messy their house is!??!?!

I was watching last night and they finally had an episode where they addressed their messy home. Apparently, Papa Roloff doesn't like a messy home, but Mama Roloff doesn't care.
Can we say EWW???
They were showing clutter every where, empty soda cans ALL OVER THE HOUSE, stained carpets and plenty more. I have watched this show since season 1 and always thought they lived like pigs, but I figured after they did that huge remodel/upgrade that they would clean up a little more. Nope, still pigs. Eeww.


Anonymous said...

I know!! I would love to offer my services to clean if I could!! Did you like her comment how she would rather her husband be mad at her than her kids? Um, okay. Clean the house or hire someone to do it! The boys room is the most disgusting thing ever; laundry, trash and anything else that gets dragged in there. How does she let all of those kids not have any respect for their home? I understand about allowing your children to have friends over but those kids don't even care. Disgusting. I'm so glad you posted this!