October 20, 2009

Going Back To Cali

This past weekend my mom, Little Boy and I all drove out to Modesto, CA for my cousin Stacie's 30Th birthday. It was so much fun and Little Boy can't wait to go back.

My mom, little boy and my cousin Stacie

My Uncle Steve aka "Papa Smurf" and I

My Cousin Shelly and I. She is prego and absolutely adorable.

This is my little cousin Morgan and I. She was sooo funny. This girl could have danced all night long, I love it.

You're looking at my cousin Steve on the drums and my cousin Michael on the guitar and yes, that is Little Boy as lead vocals. I told you he was amazing.

Oh and that little missy that's down in the front, she was the band's groupie. She couldn't get enough of Little Boy. He makes the ladies go crazy.

On the way home from Cali, we stopped at this pumpkin patch/fruit stand that was out in the middle of nowhere. Little Boy loved it though.

Here he is staring at that huge pumpkin.

He's 3ft tall!!

Picking out his pumpkin. Once he lifted it though, he didn't want it. Too heavy.

Riding the horse, he loved this thing.

We got him to do the piggy face and yes, he was snorting like a pig.

Sorry for the picture overload, but that was our trip in a nutshell. Can't wait to go back!