December 8, 2009

We Need To Talk

This is us.
We are promoting Crown Royal while the NFR is in town.

See those t-shirts I am holding? They are free.
We are giving those out along with free shots, stickers, bandannas and little buttons that blink.
So what do we need to talk about you ask?!?! MANNERS!!!
I would like to know where the hell (sorry mom) all the manners are. I have put together a list of the way people have asked me for the stuff we walk around and give out.
  1. I want one of those!
  2. Hey, give me one too!
  3. Is that for me?
  4. My kids would love these so I need two. (everything says Crown Royal on it)
  5. No I don't want one, oh wait they are free? Yeah, then give me one. (I am not kidding)
  6. I need one, I love Crown Royal I drink it all the time, Oh no I'm not drinking it now because it's so expensive.
I could go on and on with more. But do you see, please, thanks or may I in any of those quotes? NOPE! People are so rude!! Have no fear though, I was rude right back. I have a 2 year old, so these grown ass men and women heard from me, "Is that how you ask?" or "What do you say?!?" Then they would all look at me and say, "oh yeah, please?!?" Jerks. Some people would even yell to us across the bar and tell us they want one. I would say, "One of what?" They would say "whatever you're giving out." WTH! They don't even know what we are giving away, they just want it because it's free. Freaks.
My favorite is the fact that we would be DECKED out in Crown Royal stuff and people would ask us, "Hey are you here for Crown Royal?" Um no Sir, we are here for Bacardi.
Here is your sign.


KS said...

I totally would have asked nicely because I really DO love Crown Royal. Mmmm...yum! BFF :)

Stumbled on your blog and couldn't resist commenting...