December 2, 2009

NFR Sign Me Up

Yes Mam!! I love me some cowboy booty. What woman doesn't?
I HATE HATE HATE this skinny jeans phase on guys. It is a huge turn off and I am so thankful that the hubster still loves his loose fit Levis. Yum.E. BUT.......when it comes to cowboys, oh man. For some reason, they just look soooooo good in tight wranglers. I have yet to meet a woman that disagrees. Now cowboys themselves, gross me out. I am not into the dipping and spitting and bull bucking, just the tight jeans.
Today is the kick off to the NFR Rodeo here in Vegas and I get to work it!
Tonight is the Hoedown downtown, a guaranteed good time. Free country concerts by Emerson Drive, Gloriana and some others. All the big name Cowboys will be there along with about a million other horse loving people. The rest of the week, us Crown Royal girls will be at all the major casinos on the Vegas strip handing out shots and promoting the brand!
If you're here, come find us and get your picture taken with us Crown Royal girls. :)


Anonymous said...

what's up hottie?? Hey are still on for Spring's Preserve on friday? Or at least lunch?