August 12, 2010

Pregnant For Life

Remember the movie, "The Sandlot?' Remember the kid on there that says, "Forever" in a weird crazy voice? That's how I feel. Like I am going to be pregnant forever. I am 36 weeks right now. I am sick. I have issues. My body hates being pregnant and the funny thing is, so do I. I had an amniocentesis done to see if Little Girls lungs are developed and of course, they aren't. So what does that mean? 6 more weeks of winter of course. The doctors want to deliver her just as bad as I want her to be delivered. But if Little Girl isn't ready, we must not rush her. And so we wait. Some more.


Rainyday said...

I loooooooved being pregnant with my first. Loved my new and ever changing shape, loved feeling him move, even the aches and pains. And then I hated my second pregnancy. I was so sick and had lots of swelling and was super uncomfortable and pregnant thru the heat wave in July and on bed rest. Boooo!
I feel you pain - hope baby girl comes soon and gives you an easy time of it, too!

Lindsay Maddox @SillyMomThoughts said...

Oh man... do I ever remember that feeling. Most recently, with my twins. I thought the end would never come.

Sending you lots of good thoughts and healthy baby vibes. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes by quickly and baby girl is healthy as can be!

Anonymous said...

Yeah so I am really, really, really contemplating hiring a surrogate if we have number three. Pregnancy sucks ass. Plain and simple. Almost done and we will pop those wonderful bottles of wine!!!!