April 21, 2010

Lock Up Your Granddaddies

Let me start by saying how in love I am with The Hubster.
Now that that is out of the way, can we just talk about these two silver foxes?!?! What is my problem? I have a HUGE thing for Salt & Pepper hair borderline gray hair. It's sick right? I am only 27!! Even The Hubster has an amazing head of salt and pepper hair and I love it. My friends tease me about this obsession, but I think they are secretly jealous.
Ok, so we all know how much I love me some Andy Cooper.
How could you not? Look at those baby blues?!? Plus, he is a news anchor, so not only is he handsome, he's smart. It's a package people.
Now recently, I haved discovered a new silver fox.
Last night, while watching the reunion special of "16 and Pregnant" I couldn't stop checking out Dr. Drew's hair. Who knew he was such a babe?
Almost makes you want to go to rehab huh??

April 20, 2010

Daddy Long Legs

The proof is in the pudding people. That right there is a little girl nugget. The Hubster and I couldn't be happier. Well, I am sure The Hubster could be happier, he would probably LOVE it if I stopped buying stuff. I can't help it. Yes I know, she won't wear half the stuff or I won't need it, but tell that to the birds because this mama doesn't care. She already has more headbands then all the Duggar Girls combined and more onsies then a family with triplets. She's excited about it all too, I just know it.

Speaking of excitement, she's so excited ALL THE TIME, that she constantly kicks my bladder with those long legs of hers. Even the Dr. and ultrasound tech couldn't get over her long limbs. I was just thinking, YES!! She will be tall and pretty and not short and squatty like her mama.

Here she is again, just kicking away, making sure I empty my bladder every 5 minutes.
Sweet already isn't she?

April 3, 2010

True Story

I was at Babies R Us at the registry counter waiting my turn, when I over hear another customer lady and the employee sharing birth stories. At one point, the customer lady turns to me and asks me if I know what she means about the pain (of giving birth). I of course said "Oh yes, it's awful, but thank goodness for Demerol and Epidurals."

Right as I finished this sentence, the look on this lady's face changed to a look as if I just told her that her dog died. She looked horrified. She told me that if I used those, then I have no idea what pain is and that she is on her third boy and this will be her third natural pregnancy. In shock that she just said all that to me, I just told her how awesome I thought that was, but that I was way too big of a sissy to go all natural. (when I really wanted to tell her that if she was on her third boy, what the hell was she registering for!??!)

This is where it gets good.....or better.

She went on and on about how she doesn't understand women that get drugged up to bring a child in to this world and that she thinks that's just as bad as drinking during pregnancy.

Yes, at this point I was wondering how long I would be in jail if I hit her. But instead I controlled my urge and just responded nicely.

I said "Well, drinking during pregnancy can harm the child and epidurals are safe, so I am not sure how those are the same."

Her response to me is that drugs and alcohol aren't used to conceive the baby so why would they be used to birth the baby?

I just laughed and said, "Apparently you weren't around the night Little Girl was conceived because I am 100% positive that there was alcohol involved."

Yep, that shut her up. Made the employee and I crack up too.
p.s. In person, this conversation wasn't as snotty as it sounds typed out, but it was SASSY!