April 21, 2010

Lock Up Your Granddaddies

Let me start by saying how in love I am with The Hubster.
Now that that is out of the way, can we just talk about these two silver foxes?!?! What is my problem? I have a HUGE thing for Salt & Pepper hair borderline gray hair. It's sick right? I am only 27!! Even The Hubster has an amazing head of salt and pepper hair and I love it. My friends tease me about this obsession, but I think they are secretly jealous.
Ok, so we all know how much I love me some Andy Cooper.
How could you not? Look at those baby blues?!? Plus, he is a news anchor, so not only is he handsome, he's smart. It's a package people.
Now recently, I haved discovered a new silver fox.
Last night, while watching the reunion special of "16 and Pregnant" I couldn't stop checking out Dr. Drew's hair. Who knew he was such a babe?
Almost makes you want to go to rehab huh??


Anonymous said...

I agree 150% with you on Anderson but Dr. Drew? Really? My stomach just started hurting. I guess the heart wants, what the heart wants.

Ashley said...

yuuummyyy dr. drew. yum