July 22, 2008

Man Down

Yep, little man is sick. It's sooooo sad. All day he just wanted to cuddle with mommy and here I am thinking, "How cute, he loves me!" But as I was holding him and giving him his bottle, his neck was burning up my arm, and I mean BURNING!! I always think he has a fever so I was like oh it's probably just me. So I let him finish his bottle and then on to the diaper change. That's when I realized his whole body was on fire. I said forget it, even if it is just me, at least I will know. I popped that thermometer in his little butt and the numbers shot right up!! When it stopped, it was at 103!!! No, I am not kidding you. The weirdo in me thought, ok maybe it's wrong because you haven't used the thermometer in a while. So what did I do? Popped it right back in to his cute little butt and sure enough, it shot to 103 in a second. I started panicking. What do you do when it's that high? I called Manny and told him to run every red light to get home, then I started calling people with kids! I know that's crazy, but I didn't want to over react or under react. Once I realized that I was perfectly capable of handling the situation I called our pediatrician. Then they made me panic again!! The nurse was like, "Get off the phone and get him in here ASAP!" I tried to explain to her that I was a good 20 minute drive and I know they closed in 15 min. She told me they didn't care that they needed to see him. By the time we made it to the Doctor's office poor Zachary's eyes were all red and so was his nose. I felt so bad for him and wished I could be sick for him. I had given him Tylenol as soon as I read his temp, so I was thinking that by the time we got to the doctor the fever would have broke, but nope. When the nurse took his temp it was still 103. My poor baby boy!!
Now I am sure you are dying to hear what was wrong with him and hear some big dramatic conclusion, but I have nothing for you people!! The doctor checked him out and said pump him with Motrin and keep an eye on his temp. He said since his fever just spiked today, it could take a day or too for whatever is causing it to show up. So now I just have one sleepy baby with poor red sad droopy eyes.


~MeLiSsA~ said...

Hey Suzanne! Hope your little one is back in action. So sad when they are sick! Congrats on getting into your house, that is exciting! I hope you are lovin your Scentsy. :)