July 21, 2008

Celebrity Encounter

Ok ok, so he may not be an A-Lister, but he is pretty cool in my book. Matt Lorenz, the winner of Top Design season 1 on BRAVO, is Manny's brother in law. Pretty cool right? I think so. Him and his wife(yes he is married), Veronica, came to Vegas this past weekend to visit and I am pretty sure that they are two of the coolest people I know. I teased them all weekend about being celebrities because I think it's awesome! He has amazing talent and I am on a quest to make sure everyone knows it. Those of you who are fans of the Ellen Show, stay tuned, because I am putting my money down on the fact that he will be on there one day and he will be the next big thing in the design world!
P.S. That's not his wife in the photo, that is the second runner up, Carissa.