July 8, 2010

Little Boy, Party Of 1, You're Toilet Is Ready

Oh yes, we are potty training. Today was our 2nd full day. It's going amazing. Ok I am lying. The pee part is going amazing. He took right to it and loves to go and have me do the "Little Boy Is Awesome" dance after he goes. Today he even started to recognize when he had to go and he would come tell me. I can say, we have not had a single pee accident. Score right?
We have had 3 poop accidents. Seriously. It's annoying. Why can you come to me and say you have to pee, but when you have to poop, you run behind the couch, do your business, then come tell me, "oh yeah mommy by the way, I pooped." Thanks buddy.
How the heck can I get him to go on the toilet? I know it's not going to happen over night and that the poop part takes forever, but MAN!! He mastered the pee with no problem. So now I am determined to get him to master the poop part.
(Do you think I can set a record for how many times I say poop in this post?)
Seriously though, I just want him to get it down. I am not doing diapers anymore so I am hoping he just gets sick of going in his underwear. Fingers Crossed.