June 17, 2010

Dear You,

You know who you are. I know my due date. I have known it since I found out I was pregnant. Most women know their due dates. So why, why why why do you still insist on telling me how I am going to be pregnant all summer during the heat? Do you think that I didn't think of that? Do you think that you're the first person to tell me that? Like holy crap, thanks for telling me because I had no clue!! Seriously, shut up. I know that's rude and that my mom hates when I say shut up, but shut up. Since there is nothing I can do about it and there is definitely nothing you can do about it, shut up. I prefer to be pregnant in the summer. I love that I can sit in the pool and feel amazing. So next time you decide to open your big annoying mouth, don't. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Seriously there was nothing more awful when people would say that to me when I was pregnant with Elle. People are idiots. Kuddos to you for telling them to shut their mouth.