September 12, 2009

No It Won't

X will never = 15.
M will never = 24. Got that?
I am back in school and of course, I am taking those horrible required college math classes. Now, it's all pretty easy for me, it's mostly just dusting off my brain and remembering that you can't divide 43 into 7. Ya know? But what kills me is, the crap that's required that I will never use again. Like, solve for x, 3x+4=15. Now I can solve that sure, but why? How can a letter equal a number? Huh? Someone please explain that to me. And I don't want some math explanation, that's what I pay my professor for. I want to know how in the world does x = 15??? Ugghh. To make matters worse, my professor is one of "those" that thinks math is funny. FYI, math isn't funny. Nor is it cute or silly or anything else but just work. She will write an equation, that obviously isn't solvable, then laugh about how funny math is. Um, again, it's not funny.


Christy Duffy said...

I totally understand! Love, love, love this!

In all seriousness, though, hang in there. Get through the dumb stuff so you can get to what you want to study. :-)

Bre said...

I'm sorry but i'm sure this semester will go by super fast! I am so proud of you for going back to school. And i'm really excited for you too! =)