August 27, 2009

Who Is This Kid

Here are some updates on Little Boy.

He is still nuts.
He is super adorable.
He is obsessed with getting into all my stuff.
Yes, that's a headband on his head. He's weird.
He is an AMAZING pole dancer.

Just look at that form.

And no, I didn't teach him anything. When he saw the pole, he just knew what to do. It's like he was born to Pole Dance.

Ahh Little Boy, you keep me laughing.


Rosa Zamora Fase said...

I love the pictures of the little man. He is a hoot. Keeps me laughing too. :-)

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha!! I am sure Fawnia could hook you up with one if you really wanted it that bad :D

Rob and Amy said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! so needed this tonight!

Ashley said...

You better keep him out of the strip clubs!! He will show them all up!