May 22, 2008


It was his first haircut today!! I swore up and down that I would not cut it untill he was at least 1 year old, but it was getting out of control. He looked like he was trying to compete with Donald Trump. The top part was so long and it was all growing to the left. The hairs underneath had all been rubbed off so he was bald there. It just looked so out of control. I have posted some before pictures, just to show the madness on this kids head!
He wasn't too sure about how to handle the situation but he sat very still and was such a good little man through out the whole cut. I couldn't take too many pictures because I had to hold him while she cut his hair. But here is how our handsome little man looked after! Woo hoo!! We can finally spike it again!! Before if we spiked it, it would just fall over because it was soooooo long. I am a little sad because he isn't even 8 months yet and we already had to cut his hair. Now he really looks just like his daddy, which is ok with me! =)